Telecom Solution

OXYTEL is designed around several modular blocks like the information Portal, the live Television and Radio services, the time-shifted Television (Catch-up and Start-over), the On-Demand services (VOD), ... providing access to the services offered by the Connected Technology.

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Corporate Solution

OXYHOSP : From the information given at the reception to the On-Demand services offered in a bedroom, to the Digital signage available in a meeting room, image01 gives access to the unlimited possibilities given by the Connected Technology in your hotel.

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Broadcaster & Content Provider

image01 provides enhanced services to broadcaster and content provider like VOD contents, EPG extended data, ... to protect the branding interests of the contents partners.

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OXY supports multi-screen mode on every kind of devices like Computer, Television set, Set-Top-Box, Telephone and Tablet.
ABMWARE built partnerships to ensure the best integration of its image01 solution whatever the device.

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ABMWARE builds partnerships with Manufacturers, Middleware and CAS providers, Chipset vendors, ... to ensure Integration quality and coherency to maintain customer satisfaction.




ABMWARE combines high level consultancy and technology expertise to come along our customer success. Leveraging on our team experience, you will always have a dedicated and accountable point of contact that listens carefully to understand and tracks your expectations before suggesting a solution.




From our catalog or on demand, we deliver on-the-job training, coaching, ... to empower your service(s) or organization.



ABMWARE is a Solution Provider able to define and deploy a complete End-to-End solution in the IPTV domain to bring OTT services. With a proven experience in the Digital TV world, ABMWARE is able to anticipate your needs to distribute your media and services to the right people in the right place at the right time through its OXY solution.

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Easy to use

OXY has been designed to simplify user's life. From the Back-Office tool management to the middleware UI, OXY offers a unique User Experience by means of an easy to use navigation.


OXY has been designed to support every kind of configuration whatever the customer typology and infrastructure (Head-End, STB, ...).

Hardware Agnostic

To respect and ensure a unique User Experience OXY has been designed to support every kind of devices like Television set, Set-Top-Box, Telephone, Tablet, Computer, ...

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ABMWARE is now board member of AFDESI to actively participate in development of Enhanced TV Services and Interactivity.

Paris, May 15, 2014 - ABMWARE and Dune HD announced partnership to bring Advanced IPTV Solution to Operators.

ABMWARE is actively looking for Reseller/Representative around the world.

ABMWARE was present at ANGA COM show to demonstrate ABMWARE solutions.

AFDESI's objective is to stimulate growth of the interactive TV sector by gathering and disseminating information and enabling knowledge sharing. The association will facilitate knowledge exchange through conferences, seminars, press meetings and events such as the International iTV Awards. It will also encompass representation with public agencies, identifying EU grants and funds intended for production, and putting across an agreed industry position to regulators and legislative authorities.

The pan-European initiative is intended to create strong, independent professional associations in each territory that can act together, collaboratively when necessary, to provide a clear voice for the interactive television industry within the EU and internationally.

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